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About Us. Doody Happens, but that doesn’t imply you have to accept a dirty grounds.

About Us. Doody Happens, but that doesn’t imply you have to accept a dirty grounds.

Should your kids won’t get after their canines, and you are tired of keeping up with it, next we consider it’s times your contact town pooper scoopers! We’re here to assist about keepin constantly your grass-green and your arms sparkling to enjoy their outdoor area to its maximum. From here in out your folks and you should be able to perform, collect, and loosen up without having to bother about in which each step of the process takes you, as well as your friends and neighbors will question precisely how you do they!

Doody occurs animal spend removing has become maintaining the Tupelo and Oxford location since 2016. As dog owners we realize that the wellbeing and wellness in our pups go above their typical system veterinarian check outs. Maintaining the grounds regularly scooped is a sure way to do your own component. After all, they are worth every penny!

Discover the Scoop on Poop!

Are you aware. Dog spend is close to taboo to a few anyone when we are out advertising and marketing. Exactly what they don’t understand is unlike farm creatures that feast upon grasses and make spend saturated in nitrogen that will be ideal for the earth, pets supply generally on chicken byproducts. Therefore their particular waste contains many harmful bacteria, parasitic organisms and malware particularly E. Coli, Salmonella and Hookworms to mention a few.

Dog spend doesn’t break-down and though it does generate some nitrogen, it grows very acidic after a while triggering injury areas on the turf thus killing any vegetation. Additionally, it is another trusted factor in water pollution. The EPA happens so far as contacting they an environmental risk.

Benefits associated with Scooping!

Maintaining your parents and animals safe from harmful bacterial infections.

Warn of any potential medical and health factors with your animal which could or else go unnoticed.

Unwanted traveling bugs

Ease – Active Lives

Inexpensive with services wavelengths to fulfill your preferences.

Healthier field – No burn areas in your grass

Eliminate it from web site. Never ever positioned in the scrap.

Sick of stepping with it, dogs stepping inside it or rolling over it together with the field mower!


Solution And Rates

We Information and take off From Website!

Doody arises try a year round services.

Services Segments: – Oxford, Belden, Saltillo & Tupelo,

What you could count on: A courtious and respectful Doody arises team representative will arrive in reasonable vehicle and sporting a Doody Happens consistent. They’ll go the selected room scooping all spend and any scrap current. The group memeber will let you know of any issues they pick while scooping so that they may be address if required. All methods and shoes can be cleaned straight down with an anti micro-organisms treatment for avoid the feasible scatter of attacks from grounds to a different. For best results we inquire that lawn markets is scooped feel managed whenever feasible.

Conditions, vacations & getaway: We scoop in many climatic conditions except big downpours, super and incliment temperatures. If your solution day is affected by elements, we shall alert of any delay. Service may resume once harmful environment features moved from the neighborhood. If we are not able to resume solution we are going to let you know of a reschedule time. Should you services time falls on a vacation or if it’s overlooked to illness or getaway and you have once a week services, it is rescheduled to the next available day. When you have two times weekly, you may just see one day of solution that day. If we are not able to compose the service, your upcoming bill will likely be adjusted or service time are going to be expanded if in a pay in sophisticated program.

Billing: We expenses in the finally services day’s the month. Payment flow from upon bill. We requested that payment feel got before your following provider time. Services are paused and extra costs could happen for addtional build-up considering missed service We accept Venmo, EARNINGS App, ApplePay & Inspections. For convience you are likely to shell out 3 months in advance.

For ADVERTISEMENT – Be Sure To name

Rescue if you are paying in Advance!

Domestic customers capture 5per cent off half a year or 10per cent 12 months of successive service!

(provide lies in a-one time payment of 6 or year of straight service.)

Household Services

*Once Weekly services prices for one area only. Additional area add $8 every single times. at least 4 consecutive days of service

Five or even more dogs be sure to call for offer.

*Twice Weekly Solution rates

Five or higher pets be sure to require estimate.

Preliminary Cleanings

(location containing perhaps not come scooped within a couple of weeks)

A primary Cleaning is needed ahead of regular service for places with maybe not already been scooped within the last few fourteen days. $35 very first a half hour and an extra ten bucks for every single added quarter-hour.

Original Cleanings become arranged just before regular service and are also because of upon acknowledgment.



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